Day: March 11, 2019

Dave – Drama Lyrics

[Intro: Dave’s Elder Brother Christopher] Like man was saying, bruv Many nights man prayed, bruv Somewhere someone’s gonna help me through this, man Someone is gonna help bring me out of this shit, y’know? Time, it took a while for man to recognise, boy, who you were gonna send And you know what? Mans, I’m …

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Daya – Insomnia Lyrics

[Chorus] Ah, ah, ’cause I can’t sleep without you No, I don’t want to dream about you Wish I had my arms wrapped around you (Insomnia) [Verse 1] I’ve been down for two days Tylenol PM ain’t working Losing track of time, babe (Insomnia) My mind is running too fast Shadows on the wall keep …

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Sigrid – Sun Lyrics

[Verse 1] The sun shines so bright outside my mind I am left out one more time, one more time I see them smiling as nothing’s wrong I’m sure they’re bothered, but it don’t show No, it don’t show [Pre-Chorus] I feel helpless once again It’s an endless, unbreakable chain And I need your help, …

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