Day: May 3, 2019

Madonna – I Rise Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Emma Gonzalez] Us kids don’t know what we’re talking about That we’re too young to understand how the government works We call B.S. [Pre-Chorus] I’m goin’ through it, yeah I know you see the tragic in it Just hold on to the little bit of magic in it I can’t break …

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PnB Rock – Choosin Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] G. Ry got me OG Parker [Chorus] Like girl, who you think you be foolin’? I’m peepin’ all of your movements ‘Cause girl, you’re the one you’re pursuing All of these bitches be choosing But girl, you’re the one that I’m choosing, yeah Pull up in that coupe and we cruisin’ …

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