Day: August 24, 2019

Jeezy – Oh Yea Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Jeezy] Yeah, yeah, yeah Alright, alright 104 Oh yeah Yeah, what’s up? Uh, uh [Chorus: Ball Greezy] Oh yeah, why the nigga gun on him? Why his AK got a drum on it? Oh yeah, why the nigga still in the game? Why the nigga sell cocaine? Oh yeah, why you still sell crack? (Crack) …

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Jeezy – Play It Safe Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Jeezy] Yeah, what’s up? Uh-huh It’s 104, nigga, yeah Never play it safe (Yeah, yeah, yeah) [Chorus: Noah Scharf & Jeezy] Girl, you got a lot of issues (Yeah, what’s up?) Like damn Wonder why I ain’t fuckin’ with you (Wonder why I ain’t fuckin’ with you, yeah, what’s up? What’s up?) Oh, man Know …

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Tool – 7empest Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] (Keep calm, Keeping it calm, Keep calm. Fuck, here we go again) [Verse 1] Heat lighting flash, but don’t blink. Misleading Tranquility nurse You’re gonna happen again That’s what I think Follow the evidence Look it dead in the eye You are darkness Trying to lull us in, before the havoc begins, into a dubious …

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