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Jay-Z – Smile Lyrics

JAY-ZSmile Lyrics Good morn’ or evening, friends Smile, you recordin’? Slammin’ Bentley doors like we invented doors 20 years ago we drove Bentley Azures We drinkin’ Cristal in, yeah Kept the trey on me like Chris Paulin’ Drinkin’ Ace of Spade like it’s codeine now Tryna put a million on the whole team now Push …

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Jay-Z – Marcy Me Lyrics

JAY-ZMarcy Me Lyrics Live from Bedford-Stuyvesant the livest one representing BK to the fullest Bastards ducking when Hov be buckin’ chicken heads be cluckin’ Back when ratchet was a ratchet and the vixen was a vixen and Jam Master Jay was alive I was mixing Cooking coke in the kitchen back when Rodman was a …

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