7 Types of Sex Women Enjoy

7 Types of Sex Women Enjoy

There is an opinion that all women are tender, weak, and want a man to dominate in bed. This is a mistake. Every woman expects completely different actions. It all depends on her psychological type.  Of course, sex should be bright and diverse. And this is especially important for relationships. So, what kind of sex do women like? Psychologists distinguish 7 types of sex that women enjoy:

  1. Romantic sex

It’s rather a love affair, not sex. Long foreplay, smooth movements, caresses… Real pleasure! If today you have a special day or, conversely, you are more than ever close to a divorce, then this is the best type of sex for you. Trembling caresses, champagne, and romantic music may remind her that you are worth her love. Even business women and sadomasochists are not indifferent to romance. And remember that long and sophisticated kisses are the basis of romantic sex.

  1. Fast sex

Burning with desire, you just tear off clothes and start making love sometimes even before you reach your bedroom or maybe you specifically want to do it on a table or in front of a bathroom mirror… Fast sex has several advantages, the most important of which is the following: if you are in a relationship, so there must be passion in it, and this is very important.

  1. Sex for one of the partners

What are the different types of sex? Here it is – sex for you or your loved one. You can bring pleasure even without having sex. Giving pleasure to a partner, seeing her excitement and hearing the groans, you can also get excited, although your partner doesn’t even touch you.

  1. Calming sex

Yes, yes, this also happens! This is a great way to relieve tension after a long working day. Constant eye contact with a partner and complete relaxation is important in this type of sex. Maybe you fell asleep cuddling on a coach and you felt that you really want sex. But don’t wake your partner. It’s inhuman. It is better to act gently and slyly. On this blog about dating, you can find out more about relationships and sex.

  1. Wild sex

Don’t hold back: shout, swear, crash furniture, and frighten neighbors! And then exhausted but happy, allow yourself to sleep an hour or two. A woman, if she has a desire to brighten up the evening with a small portion of debauchery, can demonstrate this with provocative clothes: short skirts and see-through T-shirts. She can begin to behave rudely and abruptly, for example, teasing you with a cigarette. A common feature is the famous grimace of a “vampire girl”: she bites her lips and blinks eyes. She can also drink more than usual.

  1. Sex marathon

Remember how it was in the beginning? You didn’t get out of bed for the first three days at all. This is one of the main charms of nights with strangers when passions boil until the morning. So why not repeat it now? What’s stopping you? Is it the consciousness that you have the whole eternity together? It is good, of course, that you are such an optimist, but a real, protracted, victorious sex marathon is not a thing that should be abandoned even after you have married.

  1. Playing sex

This is one of the best sex types. She is a modest little maid or a slave. You tie her up and do what you want, for example, something like in 50 Shades of Gray. In general, fantasize because pleasure may be hidden far beyond the bounds of good. Sometimes sex life is good in terms of technical and statistical parameters, but it is nonetheless monotonous. Every day you have some prelude, favorite positions, bright orgasm, TV, sleep. Sometimes you need to change something. It is undoubtedly that your partner is for it. So, choose a night for experiments. Buy a tube of lubricant or an intricate sex toy, purposefully master new positions. Experiments are something that determines good sex.