Alex Sol – Window Pane lyrics

Yeah, looking back years ago when the world is young and my world is young
But your world is not as young as mine
You and me everyday divided by glass by a window pane
Your status and mine are just like oil and water
We can’t be together

Oh, working late at night it’s dark outside
When waiting for my friends I hide from you so you will let me go
But you saw me anyhow behind the curtain
And drag me away back to the window pane where class is divided
We can’t be together

Well, I shifted I got up trying to escape the tension between us
But your body is commanding and your voice is begging
With an aching need for me to stay a second
So I stayed a minute and drifted into the window pane again
Where class is divided we can’t be together

Now, the room was dark just the monitor was lit up
I was trying away when you snuck up behind me so close
I can feel you breathing into my neck
Bringing chills to my body but I feel so hot I feel so cold
My heart is racing it is so electrifying

Yeah, it’s been years ago when we drifted in the window pane that night
The memory still lingers in my mind and take me back when the world is young
Sometimes it haunts in my dream
Wondering if all were different then
No class no window pane I know we could be together